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( don’t go looking for boys in the dark. )
they will say pretty things then leave you with scars
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루한 ;;
Long Way Home
Lu Han/Kris/Sehun, hinted Kai/Sehun
PG-13; 5,300 words
Lu Han leans against the counter and sighs, trying to think about Kris burning toast at 7AM and Sehun’s eyes watering from lack of sleep, not the memory of his mother leading him around for groceries, never letting go.

a/n: finally done ;; this is a pretty late birthday fic for citypolaroids! love you, dear! sorry this is late, lol, tbh it was supposed to be a little shorter but then I started to wordspew. things that might make anyone uncomfortable: mentions of loss of family members.

“No, I don’t want to go anywhere. My family here is all I’ve got left.”Collapse )
Something Good Can Work
NC-17; 4,480 words
He’s always been less than smooth, but he tries.

a/n: written for kanintallrik at runandgun! :)

The Glitter Episode is Jongin’s favorite.Collapse )
루한 ;;
The Spaces Between Us
Xiumin/Luhan, side Baekhyun/Chanyeol
PG; 7,895 words
Maybe Luhan isn’t even a person, he joked with himself.

a/n: written for seeeno for runandgun! also thank you to my lovely Annie for holding my hand throughout most of the stages of this fic, draft to whole new draft to panicked writing to actually finishing :)

“You’re tiny.”Collapse )
to where you felt safe
G; 1,142 words
He is weary from life, but excited. He folds his hands, and waits.

a/n: birthday fic for 13fireflies! Happy Birthday, dear ♥ it's not much but I hope that you like it and that you have a lovely day! (inspiration also taken from this prompt)

Enlighten meCollapse )
루한 ;;
G; 1,470 words
Six ways in which Luhan is a good hyung.

a/n: for shihan_ai because I sarang her ♥ just a few moments of chenhan/luchen/wtfistheirotpname

don't cry, babyCollapse )
National Anthem
Kai-centric, implied Luhan/Kai and Chanyeol/Kai
G, 463 words
Amazing how charming he can be when he puts the effort in.

a/n: Idk, I wasn't at Disney with exo because I live all the way on the other side of the country but in a lot of the pictures I saw, Jongin looked kind of bored/tired/lonely. so I wrote this~ kind of angsty but also not? because Chanyeol

It’s hot and they’re all still sort of running on Korean time.Collapse )
hell is gonna be a party
PG-13, 627 words
The problem with Krystal was that she was almost too hot to be just friends with.

a/n: this is basically bb kkamjong perving on soojung. I don't know why this happened.

oopsCollapse )
G, 442 words
There are some things Jongin can't force.

a/n: this idea came to me but then I was stuck for a little, and I couldn't sleep until it was written out in some way. short, though! also, apologies, it's iffy…this idea had a decent amount of potential but I shot it in the foot and it limped trying to run away until I wrote it to death. tiny warning for hinted eating disorder. there is obviously a part of me that will concede to liking this, or else I would not be posting lol.

Yeah. Real cute.Collapse )

a perfect day for thunder
R, 1,543 words
It takes Luhan forever to get out of bed that morning. Every day it gets a little worse.

a/n: wow, I'm not sure what this is. trying to get back into this…

count the hoursCollapse )
three percent
PG, 2,084 words
It's important to remember. It helps him through the confusion.

a/n: it's been a while! ah, school, keeping me so busy. but I'll be done with school in about a week, and right now I'm in a end-of-school-year-related bliss I guess? projects are over and all I need to do is study for finals next week. and I've been thinking about writing fic again. this is something I wrote a while ago, back in November, but I'm posting this now so I can persuade myself to post up the next two parts. there are three parts to this. Myungsoo, then the other two. tbh, I have no idea where this ot3 came from?? maybe that advertisement that f(x) and Infinite did together forever ago, haha

Fat freeCollapse )

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